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Greg Bullock
Tru-Traffic Software, LLC
757 Bayview Avenue
Pacific Grove CA 93950-2508
(831) 642-9641 (voice or fax)

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Sales Tax & Delivery Option Many states, including California, collect no sales tax if you accept delivery as email & download only.
Otherwise California Customers add Sales Tax. If your order includes hardware (GPS devices), then the electronic-ONLY delivery option is not available.
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Product Description Price
Tru-Traffic 10.0 (First License) Software Tools for Every Traffic Engineer, One License $995
Tru-Traffic 10.0 (License #2-#5) Additional License #2 - #5 to Tru-Traffic 10.0
Discounted pricing applies to additional licenses used at a specific physical site.
This price is for each additional license up to the fifth license.
Tru-Traffic 10.0 (License #6- ) Additional License #6 and above to Tru-Traffic 10.0
Discounted pricing applies to additional licenses used at a specific physical site.
This price is for each additional license after the fifth license.
Tru-Traffic Upgrade to 10.0 Upgrade to Tru-Traffic 10.0 from prior version
The upgrade price is for each increment in major version number
(e.g., upgrade v8 to v10: 2 × $195 = $390)
Tru-Traffic 10.0 (Free Evaluation) Free, limited-time Evaluation License to Tru-Traffic 10.0 $0 Just ask
See the Comparison Table below for help choosing a GPS device listed here.
You can find better deals for these elsewhere online. They're included here merely as a convenience
for customers who want one-stop shopping or a simplified selection of suitable GPS devices.
BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver
GPS Receiver with waterproof casing and magnetic mount, model USGlobalSat BU-353-S4 $45 + shipping
Qstarz BT-Q1000XT
Bluetooth Data Logger GPS Receiver
Bluetooth GPS Receiver+Data Logger, model Qstarz BT-Q1000XT $140 + shipping

Comparison of some of the features of the various GPS devices available here.
More details available at USGlobalSat and Qstarz.
GPS Device USGlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver Qstarz BT-Q1000XT Bluetooth Data Logger GPS Receiver
Mounting options Includes waterproof casing,
roof magnetic mount, suction cup,
& 5' USB cable for clear view of the sky
Sits on your dashboard
Operates with Tru-Traffic
as basic GPS receiver
(i.e., "GPS mouse")
Yes Yes
Logs GPS trips
for later download
No Yes
Logging capacity (none) ~400,000 points1
Power options USB cable, plugged into laptop Replaceable Li-ion batteries rechargeable with
USB cable or 12VDC car
charger (both included)
Battery life N/A 40 hours
Connection type USB Both USB (downloading trips) and
Bluetooth (connecting to Tru-Traffic)
Compatible with Windows 10 Yes, but you may need to download the driver separately.
You can use the USB-to-Serial standard driver from Prolific

1Depending on how this GPS data logger is configured, this should store at least 40 hours of trip data.

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