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Ordering Information for Tru-Traffic

Tru-Traffic comes with a detailed instruction manual for US$995 for the first license. (This price applies if ordered directly from author). Discounts are available for additional licenses.

See the Order Form (PDF) for details on the prices.

A free demonstration version is available for download.

Distributors of Tru-Traffic
Tru-Traffic Software, LLC (online order form)

757 Bayview Avenue
Pacific Grove CA 93950-2508
(831) 642-9641

Baldwin & Sours

5263 Trabue Road
Columbus OH 43228-9564
(614) 851-8800
Ask for Steve Sours


109 W. 55th St.
Davenport IA 52806
(563) 328-4491
Ask for Dan Elder
Email: delder@MoboTrex.com

Electromega Ltd.

Head Office and Eastern Region
105, Ave. Liberte
Candiac, QC  J5R 3X8
Tel: (450) 635-1020
Fax: (450) 635-1021
Email: general@electromega.com

Electromega Ltd.

Central Region
20- 760 Pacific Road
Oakville, ON  L6L 6M5
Tel: (905) 847-5458
Fax: (905) 847-6789
Email: central@electromega.com

Pinkley Sales Company

344 West Hefner Road
Oklahoma City OK 73114
(405) 755-0858
Fax: (405) 752-7947
Email: mpinkley@aol.com

RGA, Inc.

1550 Standing Ridge Drive, Suite 100
Powhatan, VA 23139
(804) 794-1592
Ask for Paul Thompson

RL & Asociados

Francisco Villa #609
Colonia Gremial
C.P. 20030
(449) 972-9751

Temple, Inc.

P. O. Box 2066
50 Davis Street, NE
Decatur, AL 35602-2066
Contact: David Roberts

Tru-Traffic: A long history of integral customer relations

For over 20 years, Tru-Traffic users have always been just one step away from the source. As sole author of the program, I also fill your orders, troubleshoot with you in the user forums or in email or over the phone, and integrate your feedback into the program. Tru-Traffic has grown almost entirely from word-of-mouth recommendations, something of which I am very proud. Experience has proven that pleased users are the most genuine form of future advertising. For that reason, I am interested in keeping the relationship with my customers as pure as possible, without engaging a middle-marketer.

While the majority of my customers deal directly with me, I am happy to use distributors for those customers who may find their payment method more convenient or for those who may have a prior relationship with a vendor and would prefer to work through them. Tru-Traffic Distributors are limited to those companies that primarily manufacture and distribute traffic control products or software. Companies that primarily offer traffic engineering services, rather that products, and who are therefore potentially competing with other Tru-Traffic users, are not eligible to be distributors of Tru-Traffic. (If you are interested in becoming a vendor, let me know).

- Greg L. Bullock

Distributor: Any company whose primary business is the manufacture and distribution of traffic control products or software is welcome to apply to be a distributor. This service is available entirely for the convenience of Tru-Traffic customers and is always subject to continued positive feedback. I do not monitor Tru-Traffic sales territories or distributors' retail pricing.