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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 5:49 am
by David Tickell
I have a wish for a new feature to do with the filing system of the program. The problem Im coming across for me is a couple of things. First I must explain the process I use.
A consultant uses the program to do before travel time runs and counts. Then he gives me the file from there I make seven copies, one for each timing plan in which I use a different cycle lenghts for different times of the day, all seven are then put into a folder with the systems name. If you count the backup files that is fourteen different files in the folder for one system. When I copied the files the runs are on each copy and I then pull up each copy depending on the cycle lenght needed for the time of day. After using the program to figure out timings, I then grab only one of the files of fourteen to give to the consultant so he can do after travel time runs. Finally he gives that file back in which I store on our server and is used for future documentaion,but those runs are on only one file and more people than just myself are looking at these files.It can become messy for us pretty quick.
Now what Im asking for is can everything be put into one file? That would be one file that could hold all the different cycle lenghts and then the travel runs would be stored with all cycle lenghts. Everything you do for that system would be in one file. After you open the program you would pick the system and in that system you would pick the time of day/cycle lenght you want to work with.No matter what time of day/cycle lenght you pull up you would have the travel time runs you can click on and pull up which ones you need. This would help us greatly mainly for final documentation and when future signals are added to the system you grab that one file and run with it!
As always TSPPD is a great program keep up the good work!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 4:18 pm
by bullock
Thanks very much for the suggestion and the kind words, David. I'll try to add that to the next version upgrade.

As I understand it, the only parameters that might change between timing plans are cycle length, offset, splits, and phase sequence. Also, volumes, average speed, and in some cases, lane assignments will vary. Anything else I should worry about?

In the meantime, as you probably know, the main way to work with multiple timing plans is to use the CopyFromDgmFile utility to transfer the common parameters from one timing-plan file to another. This doesn't allow transferring the trip logs from file to file, but you can use Copy and Paste with the Clipboard (highlighting all trip logs at once before copying) to transfer all the trip logs from one file to another in one step.


PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:48 am
by bullock
This feature is now available in version 7.0. Thanks for the suggestion.