'View Outline' enhancements

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'View Outline' enhancements

Postby DVielkanowitz » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:13 pm

1) Option (thru Preferences) to include ID# in ‘View Outline’ Intersection list (left window)… preferably before the intersection name (ex. 900: Randall Pkwy). Currently, I put the ID number first in the name of the intersection so they show up first in the Links window...just easier to see if they show up first for me. Example:
900: Randall Pkwy (#900) of Independence Blvd
900: Independence (#900) of Randall Pkwy

2) Provide sorting of Arterials (A->Z or Z->A) or allow user to rearrange order of arterials…maybe move up/down one postition or drag and drop.

3) When you select intersection in ‘View Outline’, highlight, bold or somehow make obvious any Link the intersection is included

4) Sortable columns for Links in ‘View Outline’. First column could be ID#. Second column could be intersection name.
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Re: 'View Outline' enhancements

Postby bullock » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:57 pm

Thank you for all the great suggestions, Denys. I've added them all to the wish-list, and they should be in the version 9.0, whenever that's ready.

Just to make sure I understand suggestion (1) correctly, you do mean the left (not the right) panel of the Arterial Outline window, correct? I ask because the example you give looks like an entry from the right panel (the list of links) since each line shows the name of the arterial diagram after the intersection.

I think suggestion (3) is already implemented in ver. 8.0, no? It may have got slipped in with a minor update to 8.0, so make sure you're using the latest. On my machine, when I select an intersection in the left panel, its link (if any) is highlighted in the right panel. Do you not see this? Or maybe you had in mind some additional highlighting beyond what it already does? Perhaps you have in mind that the right panel automatically scroll, as needed, to bring the link into view? Note that there's already a manual scroll option: the Find Links button will sort the right panel to put the applicable link at the top.

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Re: 'View Outline' enhancements

Postby DVielkanowitz » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:25 pm

(1) you are correct, the left window (Arterial window). The first example was the intended appearance in the Arterial window. The later example was for clarity on how it appears in the Links window.

(3) You are correct...it does highlight. I'll blame it on the sun in my laptop screen.

Thanks for the reply
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