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Signal Start Time

Postby Chris » Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:27 pm

I am having to change the signal start time for each of my timing plans. Its a "set it" and "forget it" usually but for the city I work for the answer is always the same 12:00:00 AM and I imagine its the same for other municipalities. It would be nice to have a global setting, maybe a checkbox on the screen that says to use global setting. The other thing that happens is daylight savings will get me. If the date is set for daylight saving but over the course of the project daylight savings ends I need to update signal start time. I imagine this feature would remind me to make daylight savings adjustments or would do it automatically.
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Re: Signal Start Time

Postby bullock » Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:54 am

I believe the default currently (in ver. 10.0) is already to use midnight for the signal start time (or master reference time). But there's a quirk in ver. 10.0 that leaves the View: Cycle Timer option disabled until you explicitly set the signal start time -- you can't just leave it at the default, you have to explicitly set it to midnight. I'll fix this quirk.

That's a nice suggestion to supply a global setting. Assuming the defaulting all works properly, it might be sufficient to add a user preference option to specify the default (typically midnight or 3:00am) -- then that user-specified default would be assumed in any *.Dgm file where the signal start time hasn't been explicitly set.

Thanks for reporting the annoyances with daylight savings changes. I'll get that fixed. There may be other areas in the software that don't properly account for daylight savings time.
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