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Play Trip Log

Postby Denys V. » Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:12 pm

For demonstration/training/presentation purposes, it would be nice if there were a way to 'Play Trip Log' to show how trip logs relate to the time-space diagram. This would be useful for showing others how the software works and how to interpret the trip logs. Probably will not be used much by regular/daily users since we know the ins and outs, but could be beneficial to use for presentations to the general public.

Not necessarily to compare or compete with Trafficware's product, but SimTraffic simulates what may happen on the street. This 'Play Trip Log' feature would show others what does happen on the street.
Denys V.
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Re: Play Trip Log

Postby bullock » Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:07 pm

Thank you for the great suggestion, Denys.

You're not the first one to request this very feature, and you'll be glad to hear that I added it to the developmental version of the software a couple of weeks ago. It works great. It plays it back just like when you collected the trip log the first time, but it ignores any disabled points.

I'd like your opinion (and others' opinions) on something. Upon playback, both the arterial diagram (typically, the time-space diagram) and the Network View show the playing trip log just like the first time, complete with the little marker dragging the trajectory and showing the speed angle, the horizontal/vertical lines showing the current time/position, and the yellow pop-up cycle timer. However, there are a few side-effects that happened upon recording that don't happen currently upon playback:
  • In the GPS View window, the first tab shows the current coordinates, speed, and heading from the GPS. These are not shown during playback.
  • When you view the recording trip in the list of trip logs (in the GPS View), you can see the number of points and the duration increasing as the trip log grows. Upon playback, these both remain static, always showing the final size and duration.
  • The Diagnostics tab in the GPS View shows the GPS messages scrolling by as they arrive. These are not shown during playback.
  • When you're driving, you have the option to have the software play certain sounds to indicate whether you're arriving near the edge, or just outside, the green time (indicating where you are in the "acceptance" band). There are 4 different sounds for arriving early, too early, late, or too late. There are no such sounds upon playback.
In your opinion, how important is it that any of these side-effects also happen on playback? It seems that if you just want to make a movie for a presentation (for example, to accompany a video shot from a camera aimed through the windshield), then these side-effects probably aren't necessary. If you want to give a complete explanation to a new user on what to expect during operation, then some of the side-effects may matter to you. What do you think?

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Re: Play Trip Log

Postby Denys V. » Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:15 pm

I have no concerns about the extra info not being available during playback. The playback, as I see it, is:
1) a training tool for new users to understand what a trip log is and how the trip logs relate to the time-space diagram.
2) a demonstration tool that documents (with accuracy) the benefits of using TS-PP Draft to collect travel time data.
3) a presentation tool that can visually show/help in explaining 'before and after' effects of signal timing.

If you want to provide a way to see all of the GPS Window items (satellites, diagnostics, current position, etc...) and all of the bells and whistles that happen while operating the software, it sounds like it may be easier to create a tutorial video clip that shows these features. I don't think these items need to be interactive with the playback of actual trip logs.

Glad to hear you have already been working on this.
Denys V.
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