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TS/PP-Draft Renamed to "Tru-Traffic"

The TS/PP-Draft software has been renamed to Tru-Traffic. Same program, only now it's pronounceable!

Same software, same address, same developer, same web site, same pricing, just the name is new. During a transition period during the life cycle of version 8.0, to reduce confusion, I referred to the software in writing as "Tru-Traffic TS/PP", but now with version 9.0, even the written text drops the "TS/PP" altogether.

In addition to being pronounceable, the new name allows more flexibility in future growth. The original name of the software, TSDraft, reflected its only purpose: drafting Time-Space diagrams. When a subsequent version added a new type of arterial timings diagram, the Platoon-Progression diagram, the original name seemed too restrictive, so the software was rechristened TS/PP-Draft. But versions since then have added yet another arterial timings diagram, the Time-Location diagram, and have further added support for automatic bandwidth optimizations, travel time and delay studies, speed vs. distance plots, travel time vs. distance plots, and other options only loosely related to drafting an arterial timings diagram. At this point, the name TS/PP-Draft, while familiar to many, reflects only a few of many features available in the software.

Beyond giving more flexibility, the "Tru" part of the new name, Tru-Traffic, helps convey the quality-assurance aspect of developing signal coordination using feedback from comparative travel time and delay reports generated from actual runs with a GPS receiver. And noting that the travel time and delay studies may be conducted on unsignalized routes, the new name helps suggest that the software may be used purely for analyzing actual traffic flow without regard for signal timings (as on a freeway).

Version and future versions will install with the new name. Existing licenses to TS/PP-Draft TS/PP 8.0 continue to work with the new, renamed version.