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Some Videos involving

Tru-Traffic Superhero Tru-Traffic 10.0 Tru-Traffic Superhero

This video, created by Mike Cetnarowski of DMD & Associates Ltd. and presented an an ITE conference, shows the results of a coordination project that used Tru-Traffic. The upper, inset videos appearing at 1:05 were created by Tru-Traffic.

This video, from Chris Georges's trafficlabz's channel on youtube, shows the results of synchronizing three videos of a trip through a coordinated artery, one from Tru-Traffic, one from a camera pointed out the windshield, and one from Google Earth.

This video, created by Carlos Ortiz, et al. at RBF Consulting demonstrates part of a signal synchronization project that used Tru-Traffic and other software tools. The background video was created by Tru-Traffic.

In this pair of videos, John Albeck and I give a short tutorial on ways to create a network within Tru-Traffic — specifically networks with the purpose of conducting a Travel Time & Delay study. In part 1, we start in Google Earth.

In part 2, John Albeck and I create large networks within Tru-Traffic starting from a couple of Excel spreadsheets with the geodetic coordinates of signalized intersections.

This video, created by John Albeck as part of a timing project involving multiple agencies, has a segment near the end demonstrating how to use Tru-Traffic to verify that the timings in the signal controllers agree with those designed in the software.

This video, also by John Albeck, summarizes the optimization process used for the timing project mentioned above. From the Tru-Traffic perspective, it shows a number of usages, including

This video, also by John Albeck, shows the optimized results of the timing project mentioned above. Its insets show the animation from various perspectives, including the time-space diagram and the Network View in Tru-Traffic as well as Google Earth.

This video, also from Chris Georges's trafficlabz's channel on youtube, shows a technique for looking at your GPS points in a little more detail in Tru-Traffic. It uses version 9.0, so it doesn't show some newer options in version 10.0, but it's still perfectly valid.

Also from Chris Georges's trafficlabz's channel on youtube, this video shows how to merge two files in Tru-Traffic.